Gotcha! paintball is fun, marshaled games across 2 hour between the times 10 - 4 , with the last booking at 2pm. With less impact children and beginner paintballers can enjoy the fun of paintballing with our pump action paintball markers.

Divided into about 4 games with breaks in between to allow for re-loading your paintball markers, cleaning your masks and grabbing some refreshments. Please wear sturdy footwear with grip as the terrain within the arena has uneven wooded areas and deep trenches.

Gotcha! parties are £25 per person with a minimum of 6 players, which includes UNLIMITED ammo, combat suits, armour, gloves and masks.

Gotcha! paintball is safe for kids 8 years and up. The lightweight plastic guns use a spring to propel the smaller Gotcha! splatball at 110fps. Adult paintball is typically fired at 240fps.

Gotcha! splatballs are 0.5" diameter compared to 0.68" for paintball which means they are less than 40% of the weight of adult balls.

We offer inexpensive pizzas at reception

We have cold soft drinks on sale

REDNAL COMBAT - Paintball & Laser Tag, Rednal Industrial Estate, West Felton, Oswestry SY11 4HS
phone 01691 610090   phone_iphone 07981 827525
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